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Xceed ModX Revolution CMS

Xceed has undergone an extensive analysis of a range of open source CMS systems and has selected ModX Revolution as their core platform of choice in providing solutions in the Trade Union, Community and Not-for-Profit sectors.

This CMS provides a robust enterprise level platform that is flexible, sustainable and portable and can meet the needs of your organisation.

The underlying framework of ModX Revolution allows for full segregation of content, appearance and behaviour giving complete flexibility in the display and functionality of your website.

The MODX Revolution CMS has been chosen for a number of key reasons;

For the day-to-day management of the website, the ModX Revolution CMS provides an unintimidating and intuitive experience to allow non-technical people to quickly make changes and create content. The interface can be completely customized during development to deliver a wholly tailored experience for site managers and content editors.

Core and partial-page caching techniques help reduce overall cache file-size as well as server resource loads on cache directories by organizing cache files into a hierarchical folder structure. The MODX core allows database result sets to be cached, reducing database loads and extending the ability to comfortably serve high-traffic sites.

The MVC² framework of MODX Revolution provides a powerful, scalable system with the flexibility we require to deliver custom functionality and add-ons to meet customer needs.

Every input is filtered, and every database query using the API occurs via prepared statements which eliminates the possibility of SQL injection compromises.

Key Features
A number of key features have been identified by our customers as critical in their web presence and these have areas have been targeted in our core functionality to best meet their needs.

Form Builder
The Xceed Form Builder package allows website administrators to develop and customise online forms on their website. The tools give complete control of the form's behaviour with a choice of email the submitted data to specified email address/es or saving the data in the ModX database.

The Xceed Polls component allows the configuration of user poll's on your website allowing you to survey your audience online, quickly and easily.

The Gallery component allows configuration of picture galleries on your website. It features a light-box style image enlargement and allows a title and description for each picture in the gallery.

The Xceed eLobby component is a comprehensive tool to manage your online campaigns and target members of Government or other organisations with your message.

Quick Search
The Xceed Quick Search component allows a quick and convenient search of the content on your website.

Chimpx is a free MailChimp integration with MODX Revolution allowing management of selected campaign details and auto-import tools to import your website users into your mail lists.


With Xceed ModX Revolution you will be able to update your website on a regular basis without HTML knowledge.

In addition to this, you will be able to keep training costs at a minimum by employing our robust, flexible and easy to use content management tool.

Becoming a site builder is only a phone call away.

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